Where Art Meets Design™ creates and shares quality content and products for people who desire to recapture beauty, joy, and laughter in living every day.

I heard a story about a man from another country who came to the United States. When he arrived and got off the plane, he said that he felt a huge shift from where he came from to here. He stated that he had felt a fast-paced, rushed energy.

Here in the U.S., many of us are always in such a hurry working, doing chores, running errands, volunteering, taking care of our families, etc., that we’ve lost sight of the beauty that surrounds us every day. Many of us have become disconnected from this beauty due to life’s obligations and misplaced priorities.

There’s something special about entering a space with items surrounding you that you’ve hand-picked for your home, office, or wherever you spend time.

Why Create WAMD™?

Where Art Meets Design™ (WAMD™) is an expression that art can be found every day from both within and around us. I wanted this brand to help bring beauty, joy, snd laughter to those who are constantly rushing and missing the wonderful, simple moments of life. To settle down with a piece of art from every day—whether that art is from nature or something that you own or want to own—can help you escape mentally from the banality of life and to enjoy life in its most basic form, even if it’s just for a moment.

These products were designed to help you remember that beauty, joy, and laughter can be found in the most simple things that many of us use every day such as a mug, a pillow, or a poster. Although there may be times when we create items that are not basic, we always start in the most basic form and build from there.

The Blk/Wht Collection

While creating the WAMD™ brand this year, we focused on designing items for three Marcia McCray Omnimedia™ (MMO) brands—Where Art Meets Design™, Hug-a-Plush™, and The Brand Naked Agency™. With a background in graphic design, branding, product design and development, and illustration, I had a vision for the WAMD™ brand release—The Blk/Wht Collection. The Blk/Wht Collection is based upon the premise that if a design doesn’t look good in black and white first, then more than likely it won't look good in color. The introduction to the products in this collection centers on “Celebrating the simple” with just a few items and a limited color palette. As we developed the products, we looked at design in its most basic form. We then decided to add little hints of red or yellow, as you will see, throughout this collection—especially in the Hug-a-Plush™ brand.

Why Buy From Us?

WAMD™ and the other MMO™ brands featured here in this online store are exclusively designed and developed in-house and sold here on this website. Our products are not mass-produced (so you won’t see them everywhere) and we only cross-sell MMO™ brand products.

We offer guarantees on our products. Because we know that you work hard and smart for your money, we do not sell a product(s) that we do not stand behind. If we wouldn’t buy a product for ourselves or if a product fails our QOV standard (Quality, Originality, and Value—which is tightly interwoven throughout our brand), then that product won’t go into our store. We don’t throw products together in order to make a quick buck. QOV is the backbone of all MMO™ brands.

In maintaining our standards and brand promise, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return most items. There are a few exceptions so please take a look at what is excluded before you purchase an item. You can review our Refund Policy here. We want you to enjoy what you purchase without any doubts or regrets.

Now that you know the background history and purpose of the WAMD™ brand, take a look around our website and Let's celebrate the simple™. Together.

Marcia McCray
Principal Founder
Marcia McCray Omnimedia™